Intermodal Freight Transport

RM Global is your intermodal freight transportation expert that understands the complex logistics between multiple nodes of transportation including truck, ship and rail and combines them to deliver your load with efficiency and reduced environmental impact. RM Global has experience and solid relationships with the largest intermodal providers in North America including all major ports. We work with all major trucking carriers and railroads to find the best route and provide the best equipment and handling for your load requirements.

Some advantages of using intermodal freight transport includes lower carbon emissions, faster transport times, lower FSC and linehaul cost and the ability to transport custom loads with specialized equipment and handling requirements . RM Global offers a wide range of intermodal freight services including Door-to-Door, Door-to-Ramp/Ramp-to-Door, Door-to-Port/Port-to-Door, Ramp-to-Ramp, Consolidation and Border Crossing Clearance.

We specialize in intermodal Door-to-Door including Origin Dray, Rail Line haul and Destination Dray.

Door-to-Ramp / Ramp-to-Door
We specialize in Door-to-Ramp and Ramp-to-Door pickup and drop-off from business to business nationwide.

Door-to-Port / Port-to-Door
We specialize in Door-to-Port and Port-to-Door pickup and drop-off from all major ports to businesses.

We specialize in Ramp-to-Ramp pickup and drop-off between businesses, railways and ports nationwide.

Equipment Ordering
We specialize in ordering of equipment for loads that have custom handling and care requirements.

We specialize in custom logistics for Import/export transfer to intermodal and ocean containers nationwide.

Border Crossing Procedures
We specialize in border crossing with all required permits and security clearances.